Overwhelmed With Information

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our new clients, is they are overwhelmed by the information on the web. The fact is, most rental websites duplicate information and pricing over and over. Most websites do not perform quality control, so the search results you see are not reliable. Unfortunately, there are also many “bait ads” online that are solely designed by rental agencies to solicit your business.

Real People

We are real people, offering real solutions to clients who need a real apartment. One of the reasons we’ve been in business over 20 years is because finding the right apartment in Houston is difficult for the apartment seeker. The internet offers some empirical information, but will never replace a trusted apartment locating specialist’s personal knowledge of neighborhoods and communities.

Confusing Neighborhoods

Since the City of Houston doesn’t have zoning laws, it’s easy to rent in an undesirable location. Neighborhood names are confusing, and often run together without noticeable dividing lines. Whether you need to be close to work or school, we will make sure to provide premier location advice.

Benefits of using an Apartment Locator

In many cities, brokers charge thousands of dollars to find available apartments for rental clients. Luckily in the Houston area, there is no fee to you. Apartment communities pay us out of their marketing budget to find qualified renters like you. We will save you so much time, trouble and stress while making truly viable apartment recommendations based on your specific needs. We pride our service on being fast, friendly, and free.

Your Personal Search Starts Here...

      David and his office saved me a tremendous amount of grief.  Not to mention many locators never bothered to even call me back. Looking for an apartment is a daunting task. David and his team (I think Jessica?) sent me a well organized spreadsheet with all the properties that had the amenities I needed and in safe areas.  The apartments I was looking at previously were either too expensive or falling apart structurally.  David knows this area very well and he knew where NOT to send me.  I rented a beautiful apartment on the water (within my budget), which is exactly what I wanted.  Thank you David and team......You made my move much easier and you found a home that I can be happy with for years to come!  If I am ever in the market again or know someone who is, I will definitely recommend you!

    thumb Joy I.

      David was extremely helpful. I am new to Houston and knew nothing about the city. David not only helped me understand what I was looking for in an apartment, but he helped me get a better grasp on what Houston had to offer. After one day with David, I feel comfortable and excited to be moving to Houston. I would highly recommend his services.

    thumb Chris D.

      David helped my wife and I find an amazing place in Houston. We were a bit uneasy, as neither of us had ever spent any time in Houston and felt uncertain about the upcoming move. We visited in advance of our move to find our new spot. David met us the morning we arrived and worked intrepidly from the start to introduce us to Houston, familiarize us with the geography of the different neighborhoods, and of course look at lots and lots of houses. He was super efficient (he had us do some "homework" in advance to prep the excursion) and had all the places lined up in advance, so we could knock most of them out in the first day. David was patient with us (we were perfectionists), helped with the lease, explained the various nuances of Houston rental law, and even met us to do a check up for repairs. Whenever I call or text, he responds right away. He's deserving of the full five stars.

    thumb Augusto H.