Overwhelmed With Information

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our new clients, is they are overwhelmed by the information on the web. The fact is, most rental websites duplicate information and pricing over and over. Most websites do not perform quality control, so the search results you see are not reliable. Unfortunately, there are also many “bait ads” online that are solely designed by rental agencies to solicit your business.

Real People

We are real people, offering real solutions to clients who need a real apartment. One of the reasons we’ve been in business over 20 years is because finding the right apartment in Houston is difficult for the apartment seeker. The internet offers some empirical information, but will never replace a trusted apartment locating specialist’s personal knowledge of neighborhoods and communities.

Confusing Neighborhoods

Since the City of Houston doesn’t have zoning laws, it’s easy to rent in an undesirable location. Neighborhood names are confusing, and often run together without noticeable dividing lines. Whether you need to be close to work or school, we will make sure to provide premier location advice.

Benefits of using an Apartment Locator

In many cities, brokers charge thousands of dollars to find available apartments for rental clients. Luckily in the Houston area, there is no fee to you. Apartment communities pay us out of their marketing budget to find qualified renters like you. We will save you so much time, trouble and stress while making truly viable apartment recommendations based on your specific needs. We pride our service on being fast, friendly, and free.

Your Personal Search Starts Here...

      If you are active or prior military with a VA Loan, call David Moore! Military Family Friendly!

    If you are needing help purchasing or renting a new, then David Moore and his team are the ones to go to! David aided and guided my husband and I purchasing our first home. We were using a VA loan and David was very knowledgeable and patient with us. As a first time home buyer, I was defiantly blowing up his phone, email and text with questions and inquiries. My husband and I were kept up to date with all homes we were interested in.

    Buying a home is an ordeal. From finding the right neighborhood, thinking about the future and of course falling in love with the home. We had gotten burned with a previous realtor company and were very afraid of the process. David was stern about his opinion on homes and neighborhoods! Which was a good thing for us! He had our best interest at heart and we loved that about David. Even when David went on vacation his other realtor James was always ready to show me a house. We must of looked on average at least 4 houses minimum each time I called!

    We love David and his team, we will not use any other company when we eventually need to sell our home. We love David and we are extremely happy customers!

    thumb Samantha P.

      Dave is straight up with you from start to finish. He takes pride in his job and his attitude reflects that. I was months away from even beginning to look for a house and Dave met with me late one day after work to begin explaining the whole process. He makes you feel like priority #1 from the start. Everything went smooth and I was so excited as it was my first home purchase. I was very nervous about money and he made sure to inform me about everything so I could be confident in my decision. He's just an old fashioned, honest guy, and will make sure that you are satisfied as a client. If I ever decide to sell and move again, Dave will be my go-to guy.

    thumb Ross G.

      David is fantastic if you need an apartment locator we used him 3 times and experienced great customer service from beginning to end and loved our apartments. I however personally would not recommend using him when buying a home. As a first time home buyer we were relying on him to be our backbone during the process. It started out great on our first couple of searches however he became less reliable as process went on. We found the house we bought on our own and to this day day David has not seen it. As loyal customers we kept him in process but really he didn't add much at all in representing us.  He was very unresponsive and absent with some of our inquiries/concerns and we had to reach out to other personal avenues sometimes to get out questions answered.Overall if it is just an apartment locator you need David is your guy, but I will not be using him in home buying process in the future.

    thumb Nicola M.