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Apps and websites continually reproduce the same stale listings. Our hometown professionals give you solid guidance since we are true Houston neighborhood experts. Our Apartment Guru, David Moore has lived in Houston for more than 50 years.


We Simplify The Apartment Search

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our new clients is they are overwhelmed by the apartment listings and rental ads on the web. Most rental websites simply duplicate apartment information repeatedly. In addition, most websites do not perform quality control, so the search results are not reliable.

We prepare our clients to watch out for “bait ads” that are posted online and are solely designed by rental agencies to solicit your business. The prices are lowered intentionally to bait you into calling or inquiring so they can then offer their sub-standard services to you.


We’ve Been Finding Houston Apartment Specials For Over 20 Years

We are real people offering real solutions to clients who need a real apartment. We are people like you who want to earn your business and we provide value in different ways. One of the reasons we’ve been in business over 20 years is because our clients realize this value and know we have their interest at heart. The internet offers some empirical information, but will never replace a trusted local apartment locating specialist’s personal knowledge of neighborhoods and communities.


Is DavidTheLocator.com Houston Apartment Locating Services Really FREE?

YES, our service to you is ABSOLUTELY FREE! In many cities, brokers charge thousands of dollars to find available apartments for rental clients. Luckily in the Houston area, there is NO FEE to YOU. Apartment communities pay for our service out of their marketing budget to find qualified renters like you. We will save you so much time, trouble and stress while making truly viable apartment recommendations based on your specific needs.


Tailored Houston Apartment Specials And Advice

The City of Houston does not have zoning laws, so it’s easy to rent in an undesirable location. Neighborhood names are confusing, and often run together without noticeable dividing lines. Apartment communities in one neighborhood may have higher rent prices than another property two streets over. Whether you need to be close to work or school, we will provide premier location advice. We will provide solid and reliable advice tailored to meet your most important requirements, whatever they may be.

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