Moving to Houston? We can help you select the best Houston neighborhood.


Texas is becoming one of the most popular states for relocation. Approximately 275 new people move to Houston every day; it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the country according to USA Today. The job market is excellent, the cost of living is low, but the weather can be a challenge and extreme at times.


Moving to Houston can be a challenge if you are relocating from out of town. The Houston metroplex consists of nine counties so finding an apartment close to your primary responsibilities is important. If you are going to school or have children in school, we can help you find a safe apartment close to school that is within your budget. Commuting can be expensive and time consuming if you live far from your job. Houston freeways are always under construction so finding an apartment close to your job can save hours a day in the car and reduce your monthly gas cost. However, your living expenses may be higher if your job is located inside the loop. It depends what your priorities are; would you rather save money on rent or save time and money on transportation costs? Overall, Houston is 8% cheaper than living in Chicago, and 13% cheaper than living in Austin. Energy costs are cheaper due to fewer regulations, but insurance costs are going to be higher.


As a whole Houston is not a walkable city. Most people drive a car and do not utilize public transportation. The exception is the MetroRail that runs from the Medical Center to north of Downtown. It’s a 22-mile light rail that is very affordable and will reduce your transportation costs.  If walkability or being near the light rail is important to you, let us know and we can obtain a walk score on each apartment we recommend.


The 610 loop highway creates a circular barrier within Houston and is often referred to as “inside the loop”. The Inner Loop contains downtown Houston and the city’s most densely populated areas. It’s where most of the sporting events, new restaurants, city parks and theatres are located. For the most part, singles prefer to live inside the loop and therefore most of the new apartment communities are being built inside the loop. If you prefer to live outside the loop in one of Houston’s top suburbs, you can save money on rent and still find thousands of apartments to choose from. Houston metro has over 3,000 apartment communities so our team can help you find the perfect apartment in any neighborhood.


Decide which neighborhood is best suited for your lifestyle, budget, and is closely located to where you will be spending most of your time. If you are single and enjoy the nightlife Houston has to offer, living inside the loop may cost more rent but save money on rideshare and gas. If you are married or a parent living outside the loop may be the better option to pay lower rent and have access to better schools.


Best Houston Neighborhoods Inside the Loop:

The Heights — Located inside the loop and residents pride themselves on being hip “Inner-Loopers”. This Houston neighborhood is home to eclectic wine bars and pubs. This historic neighborhood dates back to the late 1800’s but today it’s home to diverse Houstonians that are drawn to its rich and character-filled architecture.


East Downtown (or EaDo) — This niche neighborhood is very urban and thanks to some savvy developers, the area is seeing a considerable revitalization, vibrant street art, and has become essential residential sector of downtown.


River Oaks/Upper Kirby — This is Houston’s most high-end neighborhood inside the loop. It contains mansions and very large homes; you can expect to pay some of the highest rent in this exclusive neighborhood.


West University — Also known as “West U”, this is a quiet and family friendly neighborhood inside the loop just west of Rice University.


Best Houston Suburbs:

The Woodlands — This suburb of Houston is home to over 100,000 people and has a lot of nature and green space, along with some quaint shopping centers. The cost of living might be high, but the good schools and relatively safe neighborhoods may make this area an ideal choice for a young family.


Sugar Land — Fort Bend County is one of the largest growing counties in the country and the quaint Texan charm of Sugar Land certainly contributes to its growth. With a town square for shopping and community events located in the center of the community, its small town meets suburban living.


Katy — Located close to the Energy Corridor and Memorial City, this suburb is quickly becoming more popular and offers lower rent prices than living in The Woodlands. Katy is home to approximately 16,000 people and is well known for its schools and football.


Cypress — This area offers a lot of new development, pretty trees, and one of the highest ranked school districts in Texas, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. Rent prices are competitive and this area is growing rapidly.


Bay Area — This area contains Clear Lake, League City and Galveston County. It was one of the areas most affected by Hurricane Harvey and is currently experiencing a lot of regrowth. Neighborhoods that were closed after the hurricane are being reopened and communities are rebuilding with the help of many area organizations. This area has beautiful views, but you need to be comfortable with hurricane force weather from time to time.